Guilty Gear X (PS2)

  • Guilty Gear X (PS2)
  • Guilty Gear X (PS2)
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Playstation 2 (PS2) Game.

Pal versie.

In the year 2180, Justice - the most powerful and diabolical Gear ever to have been encountered by humans - was defeated in the international fighting tournament. The remaining Gears, now leaderless, were hunted down and eliminated. Humankind was finally free from the catastrophic menace brought by the Gears, but for just how long....

The next generation of 2D beat-em-ups Guilty Gear X, featuring new devastating super moves, amazing mult-hit combos and the most advanced 2D graphics on the Playstation 2!
  • Featuring unbelievably high res graphics - the best looking 2D fighter ever!
  • Amazing super smooth character animation.
  • 14 all new powerful character and hidden bosses, each with their own unique fighting style.
  • A devastating array of death-dealing special moves including the new Gatling Combination, Instant Kill, Roman Cancel and the all new Tension Gauge System allowing you to customise your own super combos.

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