Guncom 2 (PS2) NIEUW!

  • Guncom 2 (PS2) NIEUW!
  • Guncom 2 (PS2) NIEUW!
Verwachte levertijd: 2-3 werkdagen

Playstation 2 (PS2) Game.

Pal versie.
NIEUW! (niet geseald)

Guncom 2 the all-action game that pits your skills against Monster Robots, Legions of the Undead, Ghostly Samurai Warriors and Skilled Assassins.

The SMO is intent on wiping out the human race. They are everywhere and only you can stop them by taking control of an awesome weapon, the Death Crimson, only then will humankind be safe.
  • Solo Play and Two Player cooperative play modes.
  • Fully G-Con2 Light Pistol compatible.
  • Multiple play modes including Story Mode, Mission Mode, Time Mode against the clock and the ultimate challenge Bullet Mode, played with a fixed amount of ammunition.
  • Visually stunning and dramatic locations including: lamp-lit cobbled streets, sinister abondoned mansion, deserted factory and many others - all accompanied by atmospheric sound tracks.
  • Skiful play earns you in-game rewards like, essential Experience Points, All-powerful Machine Gun Bonus and vital Extra Lives.
  • Classic Japanese-style cinematic sequences narrate the unfolding saga that is Guncom 2.

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