The Sniper 2 (PS2)

  • The Sniper 2 (PS2)
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Playstation 2 (PS2) Game.

Pal versie.

You are Harry Spencer, a former CIP agent and sniper. After being exposed to a lethal nerve agent by mysterious thugs, you and your friends C.R. and Stanley are drawn into a world where the CIR - and - other shadowy characters - are in control.

You must use your marksman's skills to intercept shipments of the nerve agent and help trace the toxin to its point of origin so you can eliminate the threat. By neutralising key figures in the development and shipment of the toxin you can help save the world.
  • Your sniper rifle has a three stage zoomin telescopic sight for total accuracy. But beware! Ammo is limited.
  • Choose your own sniping point on each stage.
  • Shot accuracy effects your sniper grading. A good performance opens up new stages and an alternative ending.
  • Non-player characters help you with advice on your targets locations.
  • Missions vary from disabling vehicles and machinery, to intercepting secret meetings and sniping targets in public.

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