Quest Brian's Journey (Gameboy Color)

  • Quest Brian's Journey (Gameboy Color)
  • Quest Brian's Journey (Gameboy Color)
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Gameboy Color game.


Brian is just your average happy go lucky medieval door to door salesman. He makes a nice living in the Kingdom of Merchants ruled by the beautiful Queen Deanna (Whom he has a crush on). Business was great and the market had just cracked 10,000, then one night everything changed. The Ancient Book of Powers was stolen and all hell broke loose. Interest rates soared. Chaos and uncertainly rule. Unspeakable monsters attack the spirits that protect the monastery.

Brian's has to decide whether to cash out and move to the Canary Islands or stay and defend his honor, save the Kingdom, and win the love of the only women in town who looks great in a bikini. Tough choice but we won't make a game called "Quest... Brain Chills in The Bahamas." It's way more exciting than a Greenspan press conference and faster than a freeway at rush hour. Brian's Journey is a true RPG. You play the role, you make the moves, you get the rush. Every door you open in is another opportunity to get your butt kicked or find more life saving weapons and potions to win it all. Brian's Journey... it's all in your hands.

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