Mojo! (Xbox) NIEUW!

  • Mojo! (Xbox) NIEUW!
  • Mojo! (Xbox) NIEUW!
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Xbox game.

Pal versie.

Save the world by capturing all vital Mojo!-filled blocks, trapped by a mysterious force...

Take control of a small energised sphere, insert fantastic environments, exciting puzzles and a good dose of multiplayer. Shake it and add loads of fun.

A reflex / brain-teasing game.
Play it solo or with up to 4 friends for frenzied game action.

Original and entrancing gameplay.
  • test your reflexes in 100 feverish levels.
  • Confront obstacles such as death blocks, repulsors.
  • Tons of bonuses, power-ups and lethal traps.
Multiplayer modes: get ready for wicked game action.
  • Xbox-exclusive multiplayer cooperative mode.
  • Battle and mini-golf bonus modes!
And if you can't get enough, create your own levels with the in-game level editor, and challenge other Mojo! fans.

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